hats and eyes

hats and eyes

Visit, learn, teach. Rancho Relaxzo, Maui.

W.W.O.O.F.  internship

Rancho Relaxzo has hosted over three hundred Willing Workers on Organic Farms (wwoofers) from nine countries and four continents.

We do our best to make this intern program a win/win situation by providing comfortable housing, food from the farm and an ongoing exchange of information and ideas.

Our goal is to instill in these neo-hippies and soul searchers the principles and methods of Permaculture in an attempt to create designers who have gained an understanding of how to work with the earth.

We hope to plant a seed that will allow for the growth of new ideas and strategies to be used wherever their lives may take them.

Youth Education

Throughout the years we have provided a living classroom devoted to the education of  children and adults alike in the form of workshops.

planting the no till way

planting the no till way

These workshops vary in length but cover the basics of Permaculture design and theory.

Our goal is to connect the participants with their own ability to observe, and use those observations to better understand the environment and how their efforts can improve their capacity to act sustainably.

Farm Tours

Farm tours can be arranged in advance by those who wish to see a dry-land Permaculture development that has been in progress since 1986. Please see our contact page for ways to reach us.