Community Supported Agriculture

Rancho Relaxzo wants you to eat well.

Along with the seasonal harvests of fruits and nuts from the orchards, we are growing many species of green vegetables, squash, pumpkin, melon, legumes, culinary and medicinal herbs and value added treats from The “House of Yumm” such as pesto, frozen fruit desserts (Froozies), avocado/chocolate mousse and banana/chocolate mousse. Oh yeah,  eggs too.

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Our goal is to provide a vital environment where folks can browse the gardens, pick fresh greens and choose from whatever seasonal fruits are available. Along with eggs, honey and value added products we’re looking to make this a one stop shopping adventure.We would like to work toward tailoring the food to your needs given the limitations on what can be grown here and seasonal availability.

This page will be updated weekly to provide a list of what is available to our current customers as well as those of you browsing around.


rainbow eggs

Month of May 2016

Assorted fresh greens: lettuce, kale, mustard greens, chicory, collards, tat soi, chard, arugula etc. $7/lb, pick and pay.

Eggs: $7/dozen. get plenny

Bananas: $1.25/lb: Williams, chinese, apple, bluefield

Jaboticaba: $4.00/lb.

Raw honey: $10/pint, $18/quart

longan: $4.00/lb

Lemon/tangor/orange/tangelo: $1.25/lb

Some: papaya, atemoya, cherimoya, white sapote, soursop, hot pepper, hot pepper tincture, echinacea tincture, turmeric tincture, culinary herbs, raw coffee, and lilikoi.

House of Yumm treats:

Froozies (frozen smoothies, assorted fruits, with or without chocolate) $3/12oz., chocavo mousse $3/8oz., pesto $4/8oz . Dried fruit:  banana, white sapote/coconut squares, banana buzz bars.