Farming the Permaculture way at Rancho Relaxzo, Maui.

mangos as big as your head

mangoes as big as your head

Rancho Relaxzo is home to over five hundred food bearing and support system trees.

This man made dry land forest provides an abundance of useful products while building soils, impounding water, providing habitat, preserving genetic resources and creating shade so critical to managing dry land properties.

Our aquaculture pond includes the cultivation of edible and ornamental fish as well as plant material used as mulch for orchard trees.

Vegetable gardens cover about a quarter of an acre with several dozen seasonal and perennial vegetables available to the public.

The gardens are no-till and are heavily mulched to retain moisture, protect and preserve microorganism populations, create soil and prevent weeds from growing.

The orchards provide seasonal fruits and nuts the year round.

In three spacious outdoor enclosures, there are about a hundred and eighty  chickens which give us eggs, fertilizer, forage power and a few good laughs a day. A small flock of free ranging muscovy ducks rounds out the poultry population and provide yard maintenance service, eggs, fertilizer tea and abundant goofiness.

Upwards of sixty percent of our energy comes from the sun and we are working on small scale methane generation as well as plantings of species which will enable ethanol and bio diesel production. Aside from that, we tend to proceed directly to the smokin’ and jokin’.

These photo galleries provide a view of our little world. As we plant more species and varieties we will update the slide shows to include them as well as more personal photos here and there.