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You know how sometimes, for a rare moment an idea is born fully formed? So if I were a chef, it would be the recipe of a lifetime sitting on a plate in my minds eye. Or as a musician it would be the music and lyrics to a catchy tune which would unite us all in the basic human need to shop, particularly for my song. Or if I were a philosopher, it would be Knowing the “big slippery”, which is what I call that ever illusive Raison d’etre.

Well, mine came in a field as yet invented which could be thought of as physinomics. It combines the rules and laws of physics, from Newton to Quantum with the occult aspects of economics. It is the Big Bank theory and it clarifies everything.

I believe it was Hermes Trimagestis who opined: “As above, so below.” If so, then one can hardly miss the likeness of a multiverse, pulsing into and out of existence, emerging from a singularity into gaseous cloud birthing matter, with the constantly inflating and deflating bubbles generated by the ebb and flow of economic “forces” mysteriously coming into existence from somewhere within  the hidden recesses of the vaults of the federal reserve. And without any real explanation, gaseous bubbles of monetized  Stuff come into being and move with increasing velocity toward the rich.

You see, to deny our roots which dig deep in the soil of Self interest and grow strong in the wanting and acquisition of More, is to miss the connection with the very core workings of all things: Live long and Prosper. There might be some pushin’ and shovin’.

The universe is said to be expanding, so with each breath we take, we move a weensy bit farther from the Big Bang. So it is with Physinomics  theory in that infinite economic growth takes us farther from the source of the wealth. The Big Bank theory remains tied to the singularity ( source of all wealth ) and posits that as long as the Mystery remains hidden in the folds of time that basically everyone will put up with the crumbs, the scraps, the heaps of scraps issuing forth in a fit of sorrow tainted blessing, all the while thinking they know what’s happening, because like the universe herself we rejoice in the embrace and the glow of a miraculous existence. Brought to you by money. Damn you Gordon Gecko.

So, while a rather crude replica of a rambling universe gobbling up anti matter in its trek across time’s second cousin twice removed, the analogy can not go unnoticed, and we can resist the urge to revel in this ever expanding Big Bank environment no longer. If we cannot surrender to “I want More” , while whining  and weeping till getting more, we mock the universe herself. We say, “you’re wrong ms. universe for constantly expanding and showering multi-dimensional  blessings in your wake. So wrong for wanting to leave all the lights on at night. Twisted for wanting to shower us with the glory of nature and the comfort of flat panel.”

Steven Hawking knew this when he formulated the basis for the Big Bang theory. The humanist in him, knowing the ruinous end to which mankind would come, were it encouraged in the way of the Big Bank made him decide to change one letter.

Round the world in news: Antarctic glacial melt more severe than suspected. Could raise sea levels by up to twenty feet. This will happen a week from tuesday. Fukushima persists in being unsolvable. Over 30 million peeps still living in contaminated area. No assistance forthcoming. Radioactive water flowing into ocean for four years. I am advising against eating fish that glow in the daylight. Frozen toes in Hawaii attest to global warming. Republican senators can’t wipe the smirk off their face. Massive volcanic eruption in I forget where is due to accelerate the rate of climate change by adding the equivalent of one years worth of cow farts to the atmosphere. Please, replace that burger with a prayer for humanity. Smog alert in Chang Mai is off the scale. Temperature to surpass 105. Still need dental work? Benjamin Netanyahoooo sets new standard for kookoo.

In financial news, we’re mostly screwed.

In the way of Permaculture one tells time by the talk amongst the trees. The atemoyas after a sterling season have encouraged the figs and jaboticaba, the mango and white sapote to join hands and grow plump and juicy. All look on as the longan and lychee burst into bud and subtle fragrance. It’s 57 minutes past winter and springspeak can be heard down in the hollow. We’re baggin the Jakfruit and soaking the citrus so that the latest flowering will give us a glorious summer harvest.

I forget when exactly it was that we tossed a couple of dozen tipalia and a couple of dozen koi into lake Big Shot, but there are hundreds and hundreds tooling around. The tilapia range from fry to fifteen inches as do the koi. They have an adequate diet foraging the algae and other plant material in the soupy green waters. Had some problems initially with keeping dissolved oxygen levels up. Easy to tell as the fish get kind of listless followed by a floater or two. I’d been running the water falls regularly but that did not seem to be doin’ it. Ended up getting an aeration system that passes the air through the water and shazayum, happy fish. If I play Michael Jackson on my boombox, the butterfly koi actually jump to the surface and moonwalk.

Coming up: orchard expansion, MORE CHICKENS, LESS CHICKENS, learning about the role of viruses in the soil, figuring out when to have the first party. Rough life. Thanks for caring.

The more you show, the more we’ll grow. Peace, Jp







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